Welcome to IBPES KG Section


Welcome to the world of innocence and enthusiasm! Of laughter and learning! Welcome to the K. G. Section of I. B. Patel English School. The K. G. section is the foundation stone of this well established institution. We, at the K. G. Section strongly believe that “STRONGER THE START, BETTER THE FINISH”. The strength of a building depends on the strength of its foundation. We constantly strive to make the Kindergarten a beautiful and cosy garden where the children bloom and blossom.

Kindergarten is considered as a nursery where the roots of mental and physical development of a child are established. It is a well known fact that 50% of the brain development occurs in the first five years of a child. The significance of pre-primary education therefore need not be overemphasized.
In the K. G. Section of I. B. Patel English School, education is imparted through activity based learning, rather than learning by roe. Emphasis is given to induce and strengthen natural curiosity and learning abilities in children through play way. This includes storytelling, singing rhymes, picture games, usage of blocks and general awareness about our surroundings.
The primary objectives of the curriculum at Kindergarten level are:

  • To provide a healthy, joyous atmosphere for the proper mental development of the children
  • To provide guidance to parents and offer opportunities for the academic development and
  • To provide balanced nutrition for promoting proper physical development in children

The syllabus offered consists of a good blend of oral exercises, written work and activity based learning through games, sports, celebration of festivals, competitions and creative activities. The course includes preliminary communication skills in English language and mathematical skills where recognition of numbers, counting and general knowledge about living and non-living things around us is taken intoaction.

To develop and inculcate values and knowledge in children at a young age to help them develop into a “complete human being”

Children who have completed three years of age by August end in the year seeking admission are eligible to get admission to the Junior K. G. section. An informal interview is conducted prior to the admission of the child. Admissions are normally carried out during March and April every academic year. Admissions to Senior K. G. will depend upon the availability of vacancies.

Situated at the heart of the educational township of Vallabh Vidyanagar, I. B. Patel English School is easily accessible from all parts of the town. Equipped with spacious class rooms, activity hall, dining hall and a playground. The school offers all modern amenities like LCD projector etc.

Regular counselling and updates on the progress of child is given to the parents / guardians through monthly parent-teacher meetings. A monthly report is also provided to the parents/ guardians to apprise them of their wards activities and general progress in the class.